Notices & Orders


Notice No.:- 36/JRJ/24 Dated 19-01-2024
Notice No.:- 171/JRJ/22 Dated 28-04-2022
Notice No.:- 153/JRJ/2022 Dated 18-04-2022
Notice No.:- 89/JRJ/2022 Dated 22-02-2022   
Notice No.:- 86/JRJ/22 Dated 18-02-2022
Notice No.:- 67/JRJ/22 Dated 04-02-2022   
Notice No.:- 65/JRJ/22 Dated 04-02-2022   
Notice No.:- 479/JRJ/21 Dated 26-10-2021   
Notice No.:- 476/JRJ/21 Dated 25-10-2021   
Office Order No.:- 560 & 559/P.A./Registrar/S.P.S.T./2021 Dated 17-10-2021   
Order No.:- 12/PS/CH/21 Dated 04-10-2021   
Notice No.:- 206/PA/Registrar/SPST/2021 Dated 31-03-2021     
Notice No.:- 166/JRJ/21 Dated 31-03-2021     
Notice No.:- 27/JRJ/21 Dated 14-01-2021     
Order No.:-33/Est./SPST/2021 Dated 14-01-2021     
Notice No.:- 253/JRJ/20 Dated 24-11-2020     
Order No.:-466/JRJ/SPST/20-21 Dated 24-11-2020     
Notice No.:- 256/JRJ/20 Dated 25-09-2020     
Order No.:- 365/JRJ/SPST/2020-21 Dated 25-09-2020     
Notice No.:- 250/JRJ/20 Dated 21-09-2020     
Order No.:- 349/JRJ/SPST/2020-21 Dated 21-09-2020     
Notice No.:- /JRJ/2020-21 Dated 15-09-2020     
Notice No.:- /JRJ/2020-21 Dated 14-09-2020     
Order: Dated 14-09-2020     
Notice No.:- 237/JRJ/20 Dated 11-09-2020     
Order No.:- 342/JRJ/SPST/2020-21 Dated 11-09-2020     
Notice No.:- 223/JRJ/20 Dated 02-09-2020     
Order No.:- 324/JRJ/SPST/2020-21 Dated 02-09-2020     
Notice No.:- 190/JRJ/20 Dated 17-08-2020     
Notice No.:- 181/JRJ/20 Dated 10-08-2020     
Notice No.:- /JRJ/20 Dated 04-08-2020     
Order No.:- /PS/CH/SPST/2020 Dated 04-08-2020     
Order No.:- /SPST/Reg./2020-21 Dated 03-08-2020     
Notice No.:- /JRJ/20 Dated 28-07-2020     
Official Order- /PS/CH/SPST/2020 Dated 28-07-2020     
Notice No.-172/JRJ/20 Dated 21-07-2020     
Office Order No.- 45/PS/CH/SPST/220 Dated 21-07-2020     
Notice Dated 31-05-2020     
Order No.- 106A/JRJ/20 Dated 29-05-2020     
Notice Dated 27-05-2020     
Order dated 24-05-2020     
Public Notice dated 22-05-2020     
Order dated 17-05-2020     
Notice dated 17-05-2020     
Order dated 02-05-2020     
Notice dated 02-05-2020     
Order dated 14-04-2020     
Notice dated 14-04-2020     
Order No.- 181/Registrar/SPST/2020-21 dated 01-04-2020     
Order No.- 180 Registrar/SPST/2019-20 dated 30-03-2020     
Official Notice dated 23-03-2020     
Order No.- 12/PS/CH/SPST/2020 Dt 20-03-2020     
Order No.- 105/JRJ/20 Dt 20-03-2020     
Order No.- 104/JRJ/20 Dt 20-03-2020     
Order No.- 09/PS/CH/SPST/2020 Dt 18-03-2020     
Order No.- 193/PS/CH/19 Dt 11-12-2019     
Order No.- 385/JRJ/19 Dt 16-10-2019     Notice
Order No.- 581/PS/Chairman/2019 Dt 03-10-2019     Notice
Order No.- 537/Estab./S.P.S.T./2019 Dt 13-09-2019     Notice
Order No.- 276/JRJ/19 Dt 18-07-2019     Notice
Order No.- 275/JRJ/19 Dt 17-07-2019     Notice
Order No.- 274/JRJ/19 Dt 16-07-2019     Notice
Office Order No.- 164/Estab./S.P.S.T./2019 Dt 08-03-2019 Notice of National Lok Adalat on 09-03-2019
Office Order No.- 123/Estab./S.P.S.T./2019 Dt 18-02-2019 Notice of Holiday on 19-02-2019
Office Order No.- 66/JRJ/19 Dt 18-02-2019 Notice of Transfer of Cases of dt 19-02-2019
Interview Schedule of Presenting Officers
Office Order No.: 23/JRJ/18 dt 19-01-2018 Notice
Office Order No.-391/JRJ/17 dt 13-10-2017 Notice for Adjournment of Cases
Office Order No.-1390/Registrar/SPST/2017 dt 10-07-2017 Transfer Order
Office Order No.-1384/Registrar/SPST/2017 dt 07-07-2017 Transfer Order
Office Order No.-1187/PA/Registrar/17 dt 28-04-2017 Cancellation of holiday in 2017
Office Order No.-1186/PA/Registrar/17 dt 27-04-2017 Cancellation of holiday on 28-04-2017
Office Order No.-18/PS/CH/17 dt 25-04-2017 Regarding Summer Vacation Benches
Office Order No.-147/JRJ/17 dt 12-04-2017 Related to Listing of cases before Summer Vacation Benches
Office Order No.-131/JRJ/17 dt 30-03-2017 Related to Infructuous Cases
Office Order No.-755 dt 17-01-2017
Office Order No.-706 dt 15-12-2016
Office Order No.-619 dt 20-10-2016
Office Order No.-03 dt 04-10-2016
Office Order No.-571 dt 23-09-2016
Office Order No.-520 dt 26-08-2016

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